Shopper Personality

Our first app is called Shopper Personality, available for free through Shopify and BigCommerce. Learn how to communicate with your best customers with a click of a button.


Try it out on Shopify here and BigCommerce here

Again, it's free.

Learn about your best shoppers

Pinpoint reveals the unique personality characteristics of your best customers

Apply your new-found insights

Review recommended words and colors that best resonate with your customers' dominant personality traits

Uncover personality details

Take a deep dive into the personality dimensions of your customers with interactive data visualizations

Marketing Takeaways 


Shopper Personality delivers marketing recommendations specific to your best customers. Discover words and colors that will best resonate with them emotionally.


Personality Explorer



The Personality Explorer tab within Shopper Personality provides an interactive, in-depth review of your customer's personality traits across 35 dimensions. Get a definition of each dimension and see where your best customers rank compared to the average American. 

Try out the Personality Explorer tool with industry vertical data we have compiled here.


Discover how your best customers compare to the average population across all 35 dimensions of personality.

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