Quantitative psychology and psychometrics explained

Quantitative psychology is a scientific field of study for measuring people's personalities to predict behavior. It's founded in decades of academic research.


Normally, this sort of data is expensive to generate because it requires surveys and focus groups. But Pinpoint uses what we call Psychometric AI, combining quantitative psychology with machine learning to produce privacy-safe personality insights at scale.

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 The OCEAN Personality Model (aka the Big Five) Explained

The OCEAN model

The OCEAN model is the most researched and respected scientific representation of human personality. It measures each person or group on five Factors.

big 5 wheel - extraversion.png

5 Factors

6 Facets per factor

35 dimensions

Each of the five Factors contains six Facets, for a total of 35 dimensions. Together, they provide a detailed picture of the personality of a person or group.

Dimension scores

Each person or group gets a 1-100 score on each of the Facets. A score close to 50 is basically average for the population. If someone scores really low or really high, their personality diverges from the mainstream.


Low on Openness? You're Habitual.

High on Openness? You're Adventurous.

A unique fingerprint

You can consider the combination of personality dimensions as a unique fingerprint, with trillions of possible combinations. Low scores are just as important as high scores—it's the differences that are useful in marketing.


In this rose chart, the size of a colored wedge indicates how far that Factor is from the mean, not how high the score is.


Actionable Insights

At Pinpoint, we summarize these insights in a graph we call Actionable Insights. It's a cheat sheet to highlight the seven most important dimensions for a particular group. This is what makes them unique.

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