• Sarah Macpherson

TeePublic sees 90% boost in ROAS with Pinpoint's Thinkalike® Targeting

Updated: 5 days ago

TeePublic, a direct-to-consumer custom apparel platform, partnered with Pinpoint to improve prospecting campaigns and increased return on ad spend (ROAS) by 90%.

TeePublic hosts an E-Commerce marketplace connecting consumers with independent apparel designers. With millions of designs from independent artists and dozens of product types, TeePublic is an industry leading direct-to-consumer custom apparel vendor. TeePublic and Pinpoint recently partnered to apply personality-based targeting to TeePublic’s prospecting efforts.

TeePublic utilizes Facebook as one of its customer acquisition channels, frequently relying upon Custom Audience functionality in order to reach the top 1% of Facebook audiences that are most similar to TeePublic’s core customer base. The Pinpoint trial has been a test to learn if psychological segmentation could improve upon TeePublic’s Facebook campaign benchmark results as measured by return on ad spend (ROAS).

Pinpoint’s Thinkalike® analysis revealed the underlying personality dimensions of TeePublic’s best customers and produced a new seed audience for use in conjunction with Facebook’s lookalike modeling. The new seed contained a collection of existing customers whose core personality traits are very similar (exceptionally high in Intellect, Activity Level and Imagination) and who also have generated high LTV for TeePublic. This psychologically homogenous seed (n=2,292) was used to target Facebook 1% audiences, using the same dynamic product ad creatives used in all other TeePublic campaigns.

Above: representative description Pinpoint Thinkalike® Targeting process - not indicative of TeePublic or any other client’s actual audience analysis.

TeePublic has now run this campaign for over a month and continues to realize very strong results, beating benchmark ROAS by 90%.

“Working with the Pinpoint team provided us with an entirely new understanding of our core customer base, a valuable set of insights even prior to campaign launch”, said Adam Lasky, VP of Marketing at TeePublic. “Coupled with a 1.9X lift in Facebook ROAS, the power of Pinpoint’s Thinkalike® Targeting is really clear.”

“Collaborating with Adam and the TeePublic team has been a great experience throughout”, said Paul Longhenry, CEO of Pinpoint. “We’re happy with these early results and look forward to continuing our partnership in the campaigns to come.”