• Sarah Macpherson

Shopper Personality Staff Pick Feature Week Results

Updated: Feb 2

Wednesday marked the end of our one week run as staff pick on Shopify. The whole Pinpoint team is honored to have received this distinction from our partners at Shopify. With the feature period concluded, we are pleased to share some installation results from the week. While featured at the top of the Shopify App Store, Shopper Personality was installed 39x more often than in a typical week and tripled our total install count. Additionally, we delivered more customer analyses to merchants during the past week than we have in the total time Shopper Personality has been in the Shopify App store. As a team we are ecstatic to report this tremendous growth in users and analyses over the week and thank every merchant who tried out the app.

As some smaller stores who tried out the app will know firsthand, Shopper Personality requires a minimum customer and transaction volume to perform a privacy-safe and scientifically-rigorous analysis of purchaser personality. Therefore some very newly launched merchant stores did not have enough customers to receive an analysis, though we look forward to serving them as they grow. To those that installed Shopper Personality for stores that hadn't yet gone live—our predictive powers aren’t quite that good, yet! We look forward to surfacing insights about your customers once your stores launch and your customer lists begin to scale.

Our Thinkalike® targeting for Facebook Beta Program also enjoyed a big surge in interest over the last week with dozens of sign-ups from merchants across a variety of verticals. The response has been overwhelming and as a result we will be extending the free Beta Program into February to accommodate the interest. Read more about how we can improve your Facebook lookalike targeting in our blog post where we dive deep into the mechanics. Interested in trying out the service for free? There is still time—sign up here.

Now the real work begins: analyzing data and working with our new Beta Partners to launch their custom Thinkalike® Targeting campaigns on Facebook. To our new Beta Partners, welcome aboard! We look forward to launching your campaigns in the coming weeks and applying the latest breakthroughs of quantitative psychology and machine learning to your Facebook advertising.

Finally, we would like to thank the Shopify team and everyone who installed Shopper Personality this week for joining us in moving the field of personality-driven marketing forward.