• Sarah Macpherson

Product Update: Shopper Personality enhancements for Beta Program and larger store support

This week, Pinpoint made focused enhancements to Shopper Personality functionality, responding to user feedback. The enhanced features are designed to increase app capability to respond to the strong interest in the Thinkalike® targeting for Facebook Beta Program and higher capacity loads from large stores.

1. Large store onboarding and analysis support: Ahead of launch on BigCommerce the product and engineering teams enhanced the efficiency of large client record onboarding to reduce time to results for the largest E-Commerce stores. Additionally, the team made changes to the analysis process to generate results for big stores on a shorter time frame.

2. Beta Program audience delivery: The team also pushed major enhancements to the Beta Program, streamlining the delivery of audiences to the merchant. Upon completion of the psychological seed audiences for the lookalike campaign, Shopper Personality can add data tags to customers in each of the audiences. Merchants can then export audiences using the applied data tags to create custom audiences on Facebook to drive lookalike campaigns. This enhanced data tagging system streamlines the audience delivery method, accelerating campaign launch for Beta Program members.