• Sarah Macpherson

Pinpoint's 2020 Personalized Marketing Predictions

As 2019 draws to a close, we take stock of our year and look ahead with great anticipation. At Pinpoint, we are thankful for our great team, our innovative clients, and our collaborative partners that have all contributed to a successful 2019. As we look ahead to the coming year and decade, we think about trends and patterns we have seen in personalized marketing and predict how they will play-out in the coming year. Here are our predictions for personalized marketing for 2020 and beyond:

1. The rise of personality-based creative optimization

2020 will begin to see creative optimization enhanced with quantitative psychology insights, enabling personality-driven performance improvements. Today’s A/B testing processes suffer from the fundamental limitation that advertisers don’t know why one creative receives greater engagement than others, so whichever drives the best early results is the winner for everyone thereafter. With the introduction of psychology-based analysis, advertisers will be able to witness clear correlations between engagement and personality and route each creative to its ideal audience.

2. The Walled Gardens will begin to leverage personality-based targeting

While rightly condemned for: (1) stealing data; and (2) political use cases with potential to damage democratic society, Cambridge Analytica did begin to demonstrate the potential for personality-driven predictions. Each of the Walled Garden platforms already have both the data and data rights to begin optimizing their services with these new personality signals, and we as consumers will soon begin seeing content and ads that better appeal to our underlying personality dimensions.

3. Machine learning will accelerate the field of quantitative psychology.

2020 will show a dramatic increase in published research at the intersection of quantitative psychology and machine learning (what we refer to as Psychometric AI). Just as machine learning is dramatically accelerating advances in natural language processing and image feature processing, so too will it launch quantitative psychology into a higher orbit. The marriage of big data and psychology-based analysis will begin to reveal the predictive appeal of various words, colors, and images by personality trait.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in 2019, we look forward to an excellent 2020!