• Sarah Macpherson

Pinpoint Predictive and Luxe Fitness Detail Thinkalike® Targeting for Facebook Results

Luxe Fitness, a premium women’s D2C fitness supplement brand, increased Facebook return on ad spend (ROAS) by 76% via Thinkalike® personality targeting from Pinpoint Predictive

June 16, 2020 -- Luxe Fitness formulates flavor-focused protein and fitness supplements for active women to improve their workouts and achieve their fitness goals. The brand primarily operates in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States, selling D2C and engaging their customer base with community challenges and social media features.

Luxe frequently relies upon Facebook Custom Audience targeting for its customer acquisition efforts, utilizing their top spending customers as seed audiences, and then typically targeting Facebook’s top 1% lookalike audiences. Across many dozens of campaigns, Luxe Fitness has realized a benchmark Facebook-reported ROAS of 4.9x from this campaign strategy. Pinpoint and Luxe Fitness partnered to pursue increased ROAS for these Facebook campaigns through the use of personality-based seed segmentation.

Luxe Fitness provided Pinpoint with the anonymized identifiers of its typical seed audience and Pinpoint applied its proprietary Thinkalike® personality analysis in order to immediately uncover distinct personality segments from within the Luxe Fitness customer base. The most actionable segment was composed of individuals very high in the personality dimensions of adventurousness, emotionality, cheerfulness, and sympathy. Luxe Fitness utilized this segment (n=402) as the new seed audience for its next Facebook campaign, effectively targeting lookalikes for this psychologically homogeneous group. Further, Luxe Fitness also leveraged Pinpoint’s word, tone, and color creative recommendations for appealing to these psychological traits, ultimately electing to modify several aspects of its ad copy for the target audience.

The campaign results were resounding and powerfully demonstrated the potential for personality-driven advertising within the Facebook ecosystem. Luxe Fitness targeted 1% Lookalike audiences in the U.S. and realized a ROAS of 8.6x, a 76% improvement over their benchmark results! Moreover, Luxe Fitness also tested Pinpoint’s seed audience when subsequently targeting audiences in Australia and New Zealand (despite the analysis being optimized for U.S. customers), and still beat their benchmark with a ROAS of 6.0x. Apparently, Luxe Fitness’ customers share some personality traits across borders!

"Pinpoint’s personality-driven segmentation powered an impressive reduction in customer acquisition costs associated with our ongoing investments in Facebook marketing” said Jeremy Ullrich, Director of Luxe Fitness. “The Pinpoint team has been fantastic to work with, and we’re beginning to leverage their insights across all of our marketing channels, including email nurturing campaigns".

“We’re really excited to begin sharing some of the cost-saving results our Thinkalike® Targeting for Facebook has been generating for beta partners” said Paul Longhenry, CEO of Pinpoint. “It has been a pleasure working with innovative marketers like Luxe Fitness and we look forward to further refining our creative recommendations for their upcoming campaigns.”

Interested in nearly doubling your ROAS? To apply these techniques and realize a lift in your ROAS for upcoming Facebook campaigns, please reach out here: https://www.pinpoint.ai/thinkalike-targeting

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