• Sarah Macpherson

Personality-Driven Marketing for BigCommerce: An Introduction to the Shopper Personality App

Updated: Feb 18

Responding to interest from the BigCommerce community, Pinpoint’s pioneering customer personality analysis app, Shopper Personality, is now available on BigCommerce Apps Marketplace. Shopper Personality is the first app of its kind on BigCommerce, allowing store managers to explore their customers’ personalities with a truly turnkey solution. While similar analyses from premier consulting firms can take months to complete and cost into six figures, Shopper Personality can complete its analysis within 24 hours...and entirely for free.

Once installed, the app analyzes the store’s purchase history and automatically segments its best clients—those with the highest lifetime value, most frequent purchases, or most product purchase breadth. These high value customers are then analyzed by Pinpoint using the Big Five personality model (Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism), resulting in a detailed assessment of each groups’ psychological composition across all 35 OCEAN dimensions.

Pinpoint conducts its analysis with the power of Psychometric AI, an emerging data science field that combines quantitative psychology and machine learning. Using proprietary personality models, all 35 dimensions are scored between 1 and 100, where the average member of the U.S. adult population scores 50. This enables an in-depth view of customer personality, as revealed in a series of interactive charts that also provide definitions and insights into each of the 35 traits. The most divergent traits (those that are most actionable from a marketing perspective) are highlighted separately to provide a concise snapshot of what separates a store’s most valuable clients from the average population.

In addition to this interactive personality analysis, Shopper Personality also provides research-backed marketing advice, helping marketers to understand the words, colors, and images most likely to resonate with the unique set of personality traits exhibited in their customer base. These marketing recommendations showcase the power of personality-driven marketing to gain conversions through small alignments of messaging to consumer personality. Still curious about how this works? Watch this video.

The launch of Shopper Personality on the BigCommerce App Marketplace marks an exciting opportunity for more large retailers to access the solution and apply personality-driven marketing to their messaging. Thanks to BigCommerce’s clear focus on many of the largest E-Commerce players, and the early feedback we have received from existing BigCommerce clients, the Pinpoint team is really excited about the potential of this partnership.

Install Shopper Personality for BigCommerce here. Want to learn more about our free Beta Program to improve Facebook targeting (now available for BigCommerce merchants)? Click here.