• Sarah Macpherson

Made In Cookware Case Study

Made In Cookware, a direct-to-consumer premium cookware manufacturer, partnered with Pinpoint Predictive to understand the personalities of its best customers and to boost return on ad spend by 19% on Facebook campaigns.

June 25, 2020 -- Made In Cookware manufactures and delivers professional-quality cookware and knives directly to home and professional chefs. The company has earned a multitude of endorsements from the who’s who of cooking media, inclusive of New York Times Food, Wall Street Journal, and Food Network, as well as partnerships with celebrity chefs from many of the world’s top restaurants (https://madeincookware.com)

Made In recently partnered with Pinpoint to help boost the performance of its customer acquisition campaigns on Facebook. Among other strategies, Made In utilizes Facebook Lookalike targeting, whereby the company’s ads are shown to the top 1% of Facebook audiences that are most similar to Made In’s core customer base, and results are measured on realized return on ad spend (ROAS).

Pinpoint’s Thinkalike® services first provided Made In with a detailed understanding of the primary personality traits that uniquely define the company’s core customers. Further analysis enabled MadeIn to identify sub-audiences that share very similar personalities with one another, creating homogenous customer segments that can be utilized for subsequent lookalike targeting. Finally, MadeIn leveraged Pinpoint’s creative insights in order to personalize ad styles that would best communicate with these discrete audiences.

(Above: representative description Pinpoint Thinkalike® Targeting process - not indicative of Made In or any other client’s actual audience analysis details.)

Made In provided Pinpoint’s recommended personality segment (n=884) to Facebook for 1% lookalike targeting, and utilized personality-defined creative elements. The resulting campaign yielded impressive improvements throughout the funnel relative to Made In’s benchmark results from dozens of other campaigns. Overall click rate and ROAS exceeded benchmark by 11.0% and 19.4%, respectively.

“Partnering with Pinpoint and leveraging their unique psychometric analysis on this campaign was a great intro to the potential of personality-driven marketing”, said Chip Malt, CEO at Made In Cookware. “Combining the power of Thinkalike® audience targeting and personality-driven creative significantly moved the needle for us. The Thinkalike® adsets and campaigns were our top performers this past month and were a welcome addition to our campaign structure. Importantly, these adsets also had very little audience overlap with our current strategy, so they delivered positive performance on an incremental audience.”

“Working with Chip and the Made In team on our Thinkalike® beta efforts has been a collaborative effort throughout,” said Paul Longhenry, CEO of Pinpoint. “We’re pleased with these initial ROAS results and our teams are already working on the next set of iterations to further drive performance.”

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