• Sarah Macpherson

2020: The Year of AI-Powered Creative Optimization

Updated: Jan 14

2020 is off to a great start over here at Pinpoint Predictive—we returned from the holidays refreshed and energized for another great year. Tantamount to our excitement for 2020 is that the “predictive” in Pinpoint Predictive seems to go beyond the realm of our data science services and applies to our ability to foresee product launches from would-be competitors...I’ll explain.

Just before the holidays, we put our heads together to create a list of surprising revelations we may see in 2020. Our top prediction: The rise of personality-based creative optimization. Here we are - January 10th - and this has already emerged!

Earlier this week at CES, IBM announced the Advertising Accelerator with Watson, an AI-driven creative optimization service leveraging audience intel from IBM Personality Insights. IBM aims to improve creative engagement by optimizing both campaign design and targeting based upon the underlying characteristics of various audience segments, including personality traits.

As we frequently discuss as a team, incredible resources are put into reaching the right audience (and rightfully so), but relatively fewer resources are devoted to delivering the right creative experience for groups within that audience. Put succinctly by Jeremy Hlavacek, head of revenue for Watson Advertising, “If you can find the right consumer in the right place, can you also give them the right message?” Understanding how any individual will respond to the specific creative has historically been an exercise in guesswork, but AI-powered creative optimization can provide a powerful solution.

Pinpoint uniquely finds its roots at the intersection of quantitative psychology and AI, so understanding what message and creative will resonate with various personality types has been a core focus for our team throughout 2019. In fact, we are now pleased to announce our Creative Optimization Beta Program! Beta partners will gain free access to our creative optimization services for up to three programmatic campaigns. Please contact sales@pinpoint.ai if you are interested in learning more about the Partner Program and Pinpoint’s approach to personality-driven creative optimization.