How it works

Understanding your customers is great. Engaging them is even better.

Analyze a customer segment

Evaluate Thinkalike


Activate with emotional resonance

Step 1

Analyze an important customer segment

First, define your segment

Is that big spenders? People who purchased a high-value product? Repeat buyers?

Use Pinpoint to onboard your anonymized data

Via Shopify (more platforms coming soon) or direct via Pinpoint's OnPoint™ 


Review your segment's actionable insights

See what makes that segment unique with our  personality explorer.

Step 2

Evaluate Pinpoint's Thinkalike  recommendations



Evaluate those in your audience that Thinkalike


Determine which products you wish to promote

Review our suggested words, colors, and images

Step 3

Activate promotions that resonate on an emotional level

Tailor your store to the personality of your visitors

Personalize email to the personality of recipient

Optimize targeting and creative for acquisition efforts 

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