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What is Pinpoint Predictive?

Pinpoint is a predictive analytics company that enables marketers to answer an almost impossible question, “Who are my customers...really?”
We don’t sell people’s identities, demographics, or purchase histories; rather we offer privacy-safe insight...

What are psychometrics, and what is the Big Five / OCEAN model of personality?

    Psychometrics is the long-standing science of quantifying human personality.  For decades academic psychometricians have used surveys as instruments and a wide variety of datasets in order to refine the descriptors and quantification methods that bes...

How do psychometric predictions differ from those of Myers-Briggs, Enneagram or focus groups?

  • Psychometrics is the only form of personality assessment that produces scientifically sound, replicable and predictive results that can be applied to both internal audiences and the broader population.

  • Here is a good third-party assessment of Myers-Briggs in particular.

How does Pinpoint's Psychometric AI differ from personas or psychographics?


  • Personas and psychographics make intuitive sense because they are easy to visualize and fit the aspirational stereotypes we have for our customers, but they don’t have predictive power because they are lacking two key ingredients...real data and real science.

  • Psychometric attributes may not be as intuitive as stereotypes (“extroverted, agreeable, adventure-seekers” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue), but real predictive power is worth it!


What are Thinkalike services and how can they drive customer acquisition and engagement strategies?

    Thinkalike  services are exactly what they sound like– applications that leverage insights on customers’ relative personalities.  People who think alike tend to act alike.
    Our Thinkalike  applications focus on revealing psychological similarities ...

What drives Pinpoint’s psychological insights and how is this be privacy-safe?

    Pinpoint’s underlying psychological insights are built from unique sources of proprietary, first-party data from people that actively opt-in to sharing their perspectives with us.  Note that none of this data comes from social media!
    We apply thes...

What types of data does Pinpoint require from its clients?


    We only ask our clients for securely hashed customer IDs (typically email addresses and/or mobile device IDs).  We have no need for any behavioral or other data - our Thinkalike  analysis are driven by our own proprietary first-party data.
    We do h...

What platform integrations does Pinpoint currently support?

    Our first eCommerce platform integrations are with Shopify and BigCommerce.
    Shopper Personality was released on Shopify in October 2019 and BigCommerce in February 2020.
    We have a great roadmap of additional apps coming to eCommerce platfo...

What is Pinpoint’s pricing model?

    Our Shopper Personality app (via Shopify and BigCommerce) is free!
    ​Thinkalike® Targeting for Facebook (beta) pricing varies by size of client customer base (please reach-out to for more information)...

How do I contact Pinpoint?

  • If you are an existing client, please reach-out to your dedicated account manager or via

  • If you are a prospective client with questions or feedback regarding our apps, our supported platforms or with new use case requests, please reach-out to