Creative optimization

Your clients need great creative is vital. But making it? That remains the least scientific aspect of marketing.


You really only have three options:

A creative agency

All gut, no science. You get what you want, but maybe not what you need.

Stereotypical personas

Demographics and guesswork don't produce authentic personalization.

Brute-force A/B tests

Identifies the least bad option for all, while ignoring the best option for each.

So, we applied some science

There are three important aspects to creative. If you know your customers' personalities, you know what variants to use.




Convey ideas.

Establish emotion.

Inspire and motivate.


And this lets us offer creative recommendations

We're building on academic research that links creative elements to personality, powering product recommendations with the right words, images, and colors, and enhancing creative for A/B testing and programmatic ads.

Creative that's matched to personality

Personalized product recommendations

Enhanced programmatic A/B testing

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